We repair in our supporting point prox. 200 Spindle per year.

Below an overview from some projects.

 IMT Classic 126 A24 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: IMT

Rpm: 26.000 1/min 

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OKK VP 400 Spindle

Machine manufacturer: OKK VP 400

Spindle manufacturer: OKK

Rpm: 12.000 1/min 

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SPL S-NI-130-M-W -6-18 NilES Spindle

Machine manufacturer: Niles Siemons

Spindle manufacturer: SPL 

Type of spindle: S-NI-130-M-W -6-18

Rpm: 4.400 1/min

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Fischer  MFW 1230/42 HSK E40 spindle

Machine manufacturer : Röders RMS6

Spindle manufacturer: Fischer

type of spindle: MFW 1230/42 HSK E40

Rpm: 42.000 1/min 

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Gamfior E 13860 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Gamfior

Type of spindle: E 13860

Tool holder: HSK-A100

Rated capacity: 30 KW

Rpm max.: 15.000 1/min

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Jobs Spindle

Machine manufacturer: Jobs

Spindle manufacturer: Jobs 

Type of spindle: 1300-425

Rpm: 24.000 1/min

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Renaud 175-170 200 DIA25DP - Spindle

Machine manufacturer: Rollomatic 620

Spindle manufacturer: Renaud

Type of Spindle: 175-170 200 DIA25DP

Rpm: 10.000 1/min 

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Voumard Typ 3 Spindel M18D Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Vourmad

Type of spindle: M18D 

Rpm max: 18.000 1/min

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Mayrat Spindel GM300 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Mayrat

Type of spindle: GM300

Tool holder: HSK C32

Rpm: 15.000 1/min

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Step Tec HVC 320-S48-1 5/8-1FD Spindle

Spindle manufactuer: Step Tec

Type of spindle: HVC 320-S48-1 5/8-1FD

Tool holder: HSK-A100

Nominal poxer: 48 KW

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SCM Morbidelli Author 510 S - Spindle

Machine manufacturer: SCM MORBIDELLI AUTHOR 510 Spindle manufacturer: SCM 

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Royal Reckermann  RBZ 650 Spindle

Machine manufacturer: Reckermann  RBZ 650

Spindle manufacturer: Royal

Rpm: 10.000 1/min 

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SKF W 1040482 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: SKF

Type of spindle: SKF W 1040482

Tool holder: HSK-E63

Rpm max: 14.000 1/min

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Fischer Precise SC82  Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Precise 

Type of spindle: SC82

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Spindle manufacturer: GIORDANO COLOMBO

Type of spindle: RC1100.22 

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CHIRON Spindle

Manufacturer:  Chiron

Machine: FZ18 L 2000

Spindletyp: B05720045003

RPM: 12.000 1/min

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Manufacturer: Sigma Flexi 2

Spindle: Cytec - Milling Spindle

Rpm: 12.000 1/min

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HITACHI VS-60 Spindle

Spindle Manufacture:  Hitachi

Machine: VS 60

Rpm: 12.000 1/min

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WEISS 175.485 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Weiss

Type of spindle: Typ 175.485 

Arbour: HSK100

Rpm: 12.500 1/min

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RABBIT spindle

Manufacturer: ATC K30 

Rpm : 18.000 1/min 

Rpm new: 24.000 1/min

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MORI SEIKI spindle

Machine manufacturer:  Mori Seiki

Type of spindle: NL 2000

Rpm: 6000 1/min

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WAGNER VMC spindle

Machine manufacturer:  Wagner

Type of spindle: BT 40

Rpm: 8000 1/min

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MIKRON VCP spindle

Manufacturer: Mikron VCP

Spindle Manufacturer: Step Tec

Type of spindle: HVC 230E-S-20.1.2/15-3FD-HSK-A63

Rpm: 15.000 1/min

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Manufacturer: Hüller Hille

Type of spindle: 173.6/5/26-1.86/15-1D/133HSK A63

Rpm: 15.000 1/min

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OMLAT spindle

Spindle Manufacturer: Omlat

Type of spindle: 06058

Rpm 24.000 1/min

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HURCO SK40 spindle

Manufacturer: Hurco

Type of spindle: Hurco SK 40

Rpm:  8000 1/min

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MAZAK spindle

Machine manufactorer:  Mazak

Machine: V515

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Junker Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Junker 

Type of spindle: Typ 230.31-75/102x150/135/284

Machine manufacturer:  Junkomat 31

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PERON Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Peron

Type of spindle: PS-M2-S

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TDM Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: TDM

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Machine manufacturer: Nakamura

Type of spindle: grinding spindle Z.Nr. 513F1000-1

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TDM Vorsatz - spindle

Spindle manufacturer: TDM

Type of spindle: MK12 

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Spindle manufacturer:  Weiss 

Machine manufacturer: Hermle C800 

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OMLAT Principal Spindle

Spindle: Omlat

Type of spindle: 06124

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HURCO Principal Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Hurco VMX42

Type of spindle: Main spindle

Machine manufacturer: Hurco VMX42

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GMN Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: GMN

Type of spindle: HC 190g 20000


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HAUSER Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Hauser

Type of spindle: 4215

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IBAG Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Ibag

Type of spindle: HF100A-45

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FPT DINO Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Omlat      

Milling head: FPT

Machine manufacturer: FPT Dino 

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Starragheckert Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Starragheckert  

Type of spindle: 173.6/5/26-1.86

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Zayer 5-Axishead Spindle

Machine manufacturer: Zayer

Type of spindle: FA 180x180 CUV

Spindle manufacturer: Faemat

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Sigma Leader 5 Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Sigma

Type of spindle: 8FDF**

Machine manufacturer: Sigma Leader 5

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GMN HC Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  GMN 

Type of spindle: HC 190G 20000

Machine manufacturer: Droop&Rein

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Zayer Millinghead Spindle 

Milling head manufacturer:: Zayer

Machine: 30 KFU-5000 

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Spindle manufacturer:  Faemat  

Type of spindle: FA 250 CUV 

Machine manufacturer: MTE 

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Faemat FA 80 S Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Faemat  

Type of spindle: FA 80 S

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Cytec Anglehead Spindle

Spindle manufacturer: Cytec 

Crosshead manufacturer: Cytec

Type of spindle: A063/019W/180F-0672

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Kessler Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Kessler 

Type of spindle: DMS 112AK**

Machine manufacturer: Matec

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Faemat FA 80 H Spindle

Spindle manufacturer:  Faemat  

Type of spindle: FA 80 H

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